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Donald W. Richardson, CPG

Donald W. Richardson, CPG

Michael Sylvester

Michael Sylvester

Executive Vice President
Paul V. Schatz, CPG

Paul V. Schatz, CPG

Vice President
Alfred Moffit, CPG, LSRP

Alfred Moffit, CPG, LSRP

Vice President, Site Assessment – Remedial Investigatory Services

Working at EWMA

Founded in 1987, EWMA has grown to become one of the premier environmental remediation and consulting firms in New Jersey. EWMA is an employee owned company with a technical staff of 40 scientists, engineers, and technicians. EWMA is a strong client advocate with comprehensive service offerings which extend to indoor and outdoor environments and include all media.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is dedicated to providing cost effective, creative solutions to meet your business objectives. We offer a collaborative team environment with the opportunity to follow a project from start to finish while learning and growing professionally.

  • Mindy Chaturgan

    Mindy Chaturgan

    I spent nearly 11 years at a large international full service engineering firm. I gained a lot of experience but eventually hit the glass ceiling in my progression path, and decided to branch out with a smaller, yet well-established company. EWMA has offered me a greater career potential and a sense of job fulfillment. Here at EWMA you work closely with your managers and support staff. Your ideas on the direction of a project is not over looked, but instead openly discussed. There is something to be said about a small company; there is something greater to be said about EWMA – it’s a place where tools are in place for advancement, career development and growth.

  • David Fullmer

    David Fullmer

    As a fairly new employee in the environmental consulting world, I began my career with EWMA back in 2007. The solid foundation to grow my career professionally was set very early on with the help of many of my colleagues. I’ve had several great mentors during my 7+ years here and now have taken the knowledge provided and used it to manage my own set of projects, which include full-scale industrial and commercial cleanups. I see myself continuing to grow professionally within this firm for years to come and I’m excited for the future.

  • Craig Gorczyca

    Craig Gorczyca

    What I like about working at EWMA is the variation with respect to the type of work I do every day. I can honestly say that in the 20 plus years I’ve worked here, no two days have been the same. Although at times, that can prove to be challenging, it keeps things fresh.


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