EWMA Offers Expanded Compliance Services

EWMA is proud to announce that we are now certified in the New York areas to perform our compliance services, as well as adding new services to better assist our clients.  Our newest member of senior staff, Kevin Seise, has 20 years of experience managing complex asbestos projects. In addition to our previous services for asbestos inspection and management, we now offer asbestos abatement project design and monitoring services, which enables us to help you through every step of your project.
We also offer asbestos management plan preparation under the AHERA requirements to assist you in maintaining compliance with asbestos materials you are not ready to remove yet. We provide periodic surveillance, training, and management plan updates, program management, audit evaluations, abatement cost estimating, and construction management services.
As of January 1, 2016, New York State is requiring licensing for anyone who performs mold inspection, assessment or remediation work. We offer licensed mold assessments and remedial design services in New York utilizing licensed personnel.
EWMA continues to offer our established expertise in hazardous waste identification, characterization, management, removal, and disposal including lead, PCBs, universal wastes, fluorescent lighting, mercury containing equipment, laboratory wastes, and CFCs.
We offer these services as needed, or as part of a larger building decontamination and demolition management project.  We can also assist with industrial hygiene complaints for noise, dust and particulates, sick building syndrome, odor complaints, vapor intrusion investigation and mitigation, as well as drinking water testing.
For more information about these expanded services, please contact Kevin Seise at 973-560-1400 ext. 177 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

NJDEP Posts Compliance Alert!

On April 12, 2017, the NJDEP posted a Compliance Notice for businesses and individuals who have received a Departmental issued limited restricted use or restricted use No Further Action Letter (NFA), and have not complied with the "continued protectiveness" conditions of the NFA.   Such conditions may include a biennial certification of institutional controls (e.g. deed notice and classification exception area) and engineering controls (e.g. cap, slurry wall) required to protect the public health and safety and the environment.  The Site Remediation Reform Act, which became effective May 7, 2009, authorizes the NJDEP to regulate compliance with this continued protectiveness obligation through the issuance of Remedial Action Permits.  A person's failure to comply with these requirements allows the NJDEP to rescind the NFA letter and the covenant not to sue indicated in that letter and to take other enforcement actions. 

According to the NJDEP, the Department will be increasing its enforcement in response to noncompliance with biennial certification of the institutional and engineering controls and remedial action permit obligations.  The failure to retain a Licensed Site Remediation Professional, failure to apply for a remedial action permit, and failure to pay annual remedial action permit fees collectively carry a minimum per day penalty of $30,000 plus 100 percent of the outstanding annual remedial action permit fees.

Those who may be affected by this Compliance Alert:

  • Acquired a property with known environmental concerns (even if the responsible party is the previous owner)
  • Environmental Attorneys
  • Real Estate Developers

If NJDEP rescinds an NFA Letter, the current property owner may be required to bring the site into compliance and may be required to meet current regulatory standards and guidelines. 

If you would like to find out if your site is currently in compliance with the Site Remediation Program (SRP) or you have a site or property which received a Departmental issued NFA Letter, please contact Mindy Chaturgan at 973-560-1400 ext. 179 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The 27th Annual Higgins Classic - June 5th


EWMA is proud to be a sponsor of the 27th Higgins Golf Classic to be held on June 5th to support the Special Olympics New Jersey. This  exciting golf outing, which will be held at Fiddler's Elbow Country Club, helps benefit the Special Olympics of New Jersey and its athletes.  The outing also offers those in attendance great networking opportunities.  

EWMA's Executive Vice President, Michael Sylvester, is a longtime Special Olympics of New Jersey committee member and avid golfer.  This is one of the best golf outings in the state, and has consistently raised significant amounts of money each year to support our New Jersey athletes. 

The event is booking up fast so please click here to register your four-some today! 


How EWMA Utilizes Enhanced Bioremediation To Gain Regulatory Closure For Clients

How EWMA Utilizes Enhanced Bioremediation To Gain Regulatory Closure For Clients

Subsurface Characterization

  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Sensitive Receptor Evaluations
  • Conceptual Site Model (CSM) Development
  • Evaluation of Chemical and Biological Conditions
    • Concentration, Distribution, Trends, and Changes of Contaminants
      • Groundwater and Sorbed-Mass / Matrix Diffusion
    • Presence of Degradation Indicators and Daughter Products
    • In-Situ Geochemical Conditions
    • Microcosm Census and Diversity (qPCR and Sequencing)
    • Stable Isotope Analysis (CSIA)

Remedial Design / Construction Oversight

  • Bench and Pilot-Scale Testing
  • Permit-By-Rule (PBR) Applications/Approvals
  • Design & Construction of Injection Point/Well Networks
  • Baseline Sampling and Monitoring

Additional Field / Contractor / Consulting Services

  • Injection of Amendments (Biostimulation)
    • Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination (ERD)
    • Anaerobic Oxidation / Denitrification-Based Bioremediation (DBB)
    • Aerobic Oxidation
  • Injection of Appropriate Bacteria (Bioaugmentation)
  • Post-Injection Sampling and Monitoring
  • Evaluation/Interpretation and Presentation of Results
  • 3rd Party Data Review and Fact/Expert Testimony 

What Differentiates EWMA Bioremediation Services and Products?

  • Extensive Experience Working Within Variiou Subsurface Formations
  • Long Recognized Need to Address Sorbed Mass and Matrix Diffusion in the Remedial Strategy

The Root Cause of Rebound - TREAT THE SOURCE NOT THE SYMTOM!!

  • Abundant Experience with Other Remedial Techniques that Ultimately Underperformed

 – Many Lessons Learned.   

  • Customized Injection Programs (Amendments and Methods) for Treatment of Chlorinated Solvents, Aromatic Solvents, and Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Technical Support / R&D Capabilities from Laboratory (IAL) and University (ASU) Partners
  • Focus on Improved Distribution and Diffusion of Amendments Into / Through Formation
  • Strategic Focus on Transition to Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) Approval -  REGULATORY CLOSURE IS THE GOAL!!

EWMA Offers Expanded Real Estate Reuse & Redevelopment Support Services

Our real estate reuse and redevelopment professionals are assisting public and private clients in providing market feasibility, highest and best use, pre and post redevelopment valuations, realistic environmental cleanup costs and strategies to maximize the potential of your commercial or industrial property. EWMA and our strategic partners, which include real estate and redevelopment professionals, have expertise to support in the repositioning of contaminated real estate. We can determine cleanup costs and plan a remediation program, which can also include alternative financial and contractual strategies, to be coordinated with future sale, redevelopment and uses of a commercial or industrial property.

Getting local stakeholders "on-board" with the beneficial reuse of a commercial or industrial property increases the marketability of a property. EWMA can also provide an important public relations aspect that can help build community support, as well as gain local approvals and incentives available for redevelopment.

Our services are provided in a tiered offering that range from a no-cost marketing feasibility snapshot and environmental database review report to a full marketing feasibility study with a disposition program. Our ultimate goal is to turn a surplus asset into optimum cash while minimizing environmental liability to the Client, all in a timely fashion.
Finding the Answers to Redevelopment

We can help in answering the following redevelopment questions about your project:

  • Is the proposed reuse physically doable?
  • Is it environmentally possible?
  • Is the proposed use market feasible?
  • Is it financially viable?
  • Is the approach consistent with the clients objective?

EWMA has assembled a team of professionals to assist our clients with their real estate reuse and redevelopment projects. If you would like to learn more about our services or discuss a particular site scenario, please contact Michael Sylvester at (973) 560-1400 x187 or John Coviello x184.